Thursday, March 31, 2011

Play & Picnic with Neighbors

This morning we were playing outside with our neighbors and decided to have a little lunch picnic and enjoy the beautiful weather. The kids loved it and have been asking if we can have another picnic tomorrow.

I just love these two pictures....Chase and Jack look like they are in deep conversation

Reed enjoyed the picnic too....he ate strawberries! : )

Table Food

Two weeks ago, Reed was not interested in table food at all. In fact, he wouldn't even put anything in his mouth (unless it was a non-food item...toy, paper, etc.). Now, it is the exact opposite!! He is eating everything in site and doing very well. We had breakfast food for supper last night and Reed tried eggs. He loved them. As he was eating them, I panicked for a minute....I'm not sure if you are supposed to give kids eggs before 12 months....oh well, he didn't have any kind of reaction so I guess it's fine. Now he has had most high allergy foods....wheat, eggs, and some dairy (although not milk of course). I haven't given him peanut butter to eat, but I rubbed it on his skin....apparently if kids are allergic to peanuts, a reaction will occur just from rubbing some on the skin. He did fine. A couple of my friends have children with food allergies which makes me sensitive to it.....can't be too careful.....reactions can be very serious!!

Oops....forgot his bib!! : )

And of course.....Eli and Chase enjoyed the breakfast food too.....and were being their normal silly selves!!! : )

Our Garden on Wednesday

Monday, March 28, 2011

Reed's Monday

Listening to Chase play the drums

A close-up....his tooth is finally big enough to see in pictures
Eating a pear.....or just gumming it to death : )


Last week (3.24), Reed officially started crawling. Now, he crawls all over the house. So guess what I do all day.....walk around the house picking up small toys, sweeping and vacuuming the floor. : ) Not really, but I feel like that's all I do sometimes. I can't believe my little Reed (aka wittle weed) is already crawling....this is going WAY too fast!

And.....look what he's doing now.....trying to pull up all the time!


I could not resist taking this picture when I went to check on Reed this morning. It was one of those great but rare mornings when Reed sleeps in while I get Eli ready for preschool....breakfast, making lunch, dressed, etc.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Day Out With Tho.mas

Today we went to the "Day Out With Tho.mas" in Grapevine. We really had a good time. The kids played in bounce houses and slides, listened to story time and of course rode the Thomas train. While riding the train, Chase threw his paci out the window. I saw him do it and after he did, he acted so surprised that it was really gone. The remainder of the train ride, he just sat next to Hunter in disbelief that his paci was really gone. Thankfully, he did not scream and cry about it!!

Among all of the various tents and buildings with things to see and do, I was very pleased to see a tent for nursing moms...Gotta love nursing friendly places!!! : )

Thomas made from Leg.os

Before throwing the paci

Enjoying some Root Beer while waiting in line


Eli and Chase found a few critters in the yard which they are calling their "new pets". Yikes! I don't really want a moth, spider and roly-poly for pets. We are making them keep the "pets" outside on the back porch because I do not want that spider to escape in the house!! I wonder how long this will last and what will the response be when the "pets" go to "pet heaven"? I bet we find out pretty soon! : )

Our Garden Today

We were surprised to see several more sprouts this morning. Eli asked if we could watch the garden instead of sleeping tonight. I actually think that would be fun because so much seems to happen when we are sleeping! But I think we'll just sleep and enjoy the little surprises that we get each morning.

Our signs blew away so I don't really know what is coming up...makes it a little more fun. : )

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Daddy Time

I've come to realize that kids, especially boys, need "daddy time". Daddy time is very different than time with me. I really make an effort to play with my sweet boys but there is no substitute for daddy time!! When I play with the kids in the back yard, we often lay on a blanket and look at the clouds. We try to find pictures in the clouds and we tell stories about our pictures. We play Tag You're It, Leap Frog, Mother May I or Red Light/Green Light.

Oh, but when Daddy plays in the back yard, it is completely different. Actually, sometimes I try not to look. Tonight, Eli ran inside and said (as fast as he could possible speak)...."Mom, mom, Daddy tackled me, threw me on the ground, and then threw me in the air and I did a back flip!!" WHAT?!?! I had to see for myself.....and it was true!