Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Boys

Oh how I love these little guys!!!! : )


Sometimes, there is no way to describe/explain pictures....

yes, that is Eli in a onsie....size 24 months!


I love pictures of my kids sleeping. They always look so peaceful, sweet and quiet. : ) I recently saw some PJs for boys that said I'm Not Sleeping, I'm Recharging!....couldn't be more true for my sweet, loud boys! : )

Reed's Standing

Reed has been pulling up for a while and now he is standing on his own. Won't be long until he is walking!! YIKES!!!!

My Quotable Kids

Eli and Chase say the cutest, funniest and craziest things!!! Here are a few quotes lately......

As Eli was riding in the wagon early one morning, he saw the water droplets on the grass...aka the "sparklies". Eli: "Mom, I know why there are sparklies on the grass....Because God wanted the grass to be extra beautiful and full of diamonds for the people that wake up early in the morning."

Chase's version of John 14:6 "Jesus is the wave, truth and Father. No one come to the Father, except for me. John 14:6" : ) I have a video of Chase quoting this verse that I will melts my heart!

Eli & Reed

My sweet Eli and Reed.....they really love each other. Eli is such a great big brother and always tries to help and protect Reed. I can tell that Reed thinks the world of Eli and Chase. It is so amazing to see the love between brothers grow. I love having three boys....I hope they love each other and stay close their entire lives!!

Garden Update

We are still having so much fun with our garden. Although, it is a little out of control....ok, ALOT out of control. But, this is a learning year for us. : ) So far, we've picked radishes and green onions. Our squash started growing, but have since shriveled up. According to sources I found on Google, they are not pollenating. I'm not 100% sure what that means, but I think they are just too crowded. Squash and cucumbers are HUGE plants (which obviously I did not know). They are growing like crazy and are smothering each other. I think I'm going to have to decide if we want squash or cucumbers and pick the others. I just hate picking some out, but if I don't I'm afraid we won't get either one.

The kids LOVE checking on the garden. I'm so proud of them and hope this is a learning experience for them. I love it too!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mystery Solved!

I displayed an Easter picture of each boy on a table in our unfurnished dining room. Sometime last week, Chase's picture disappeared. I asked Chase if he knew where it was and he said yes. However, getting information out of a two year old is not easy so I have not been able to locate the picture...until tonight. I found it in our bedroom displayed nicely next to a picture of my parents. I told Chase I found it and asked him why he moved the picture. He said, "Mom, I wanted to be next to Ga-Ga!" : ) Chaseman loves his Ga-Ga!!! : )