Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Our neighborhood is doing a progressive Halloween party. We are a "treat house" so we are making some fun treats to share with our neighbors. I am doing a trial run today and these treats are SO easy to make and are turning out really cute! Thank you, Southern Living magazine (from a couple of years ago)! See, now I can show Hunter why I save all my "crafty" magazines! ; )

They are Little Debbie Marshmallow Pies on a stick and then we decorated them with icing and sprinkles. We are going to chill them and then cover them in clear plastic lollipop bags with a cute ribbon or tie.

Costume & Pumpkin Patch Day at Preschool

Today was costume and pumpkin patch day at Eli's preschool. Eli was so excited that he forgot his backpack today! It was ok though....I was able to take it to him when I went to see him at the pumpkin patch. It was so cute seeing all the kids in their costumes. The teachers at his school have done a wonderful job of teaching the kids about why we wear non-scary costumes. And any special snacks, clothes, etc. should only have things that God made (i.e. pumpkins, spiders). No ghosts, witches, etc. I like that!! : )

Eli's Preschool Class
Eli's class and his teachers. Eli is so shy in groups....he just slides in the back of the picture. He is next to the teacher in the OSU jersey.
The special pumpkin Eli selected

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

He's A Sleeper!

Reed is a wonderful sleeper!! This morning, he slept until 9:15. I don't know if it will last, but I am enjoying EVERY moment of it right now!! I am so thankful for this precious blessing.

Eli & His Robot

Cooler Weather

Finally cool enough to wear pants/jeans to church.....but that afternoon it was 85 degrees! C'mon Fall....we are READY!!!!!!

Chase & Baby

Chase "nursing" his baby

Fall Cookies

Wednesday was Eli's day to bring snack at Preschool. I gave Eli several choices of snacks to bring and he decided on the Candy Corn Sugar Cookies. They were super easy and fun to make!

Orange, Yellow and White Sugar Cookie Dough
Cutting out the cookies

The final product - some looked better than others, but they were all yummy! : )

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mummy Dogs

Eli and Chase LOVE looking at Halloween decorations. I don't mind the fun stuff, but I am not a fan of the super scary stuff that is at some houses. Eli and Chase just stare at the super scary stuff...I don't think they really understand it. And really, I don't either. Anyway, we focus on the fun stuff. Today, we made mummy dogs. They are supposed to be made with crescent rolls, but we used biscuits (because that's all we had). They still turned out OK and Eli and Chase loved making them and eating them!! : )

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eli Quotes

Eli: Mom, when I grow up, I want to be a fire fighter....or an astronaut.

Mom: That sounds great, Eli.

Eli: Mom, what to you want.....wait, had you already been something?

Reed was sucking his fingers like he was starving and I said, "Reed, you are going to town on those fingers." Later I overheard Eli say, "Reed, you are going to college on those fingers."
(Eli has been very interested in the concept of "going to college" lately!)

Reed - 4 Months

Reed is 4 months old today! He is such a blessing to our family. We love him so much and it is so fun to watch Eli and Chase play with their little brother. Chase loves to hug him and Eli loves to hold him. Reed is growing alot. He rolls from his tummy to his back and is close to sitting up. He is a great sleeper and nurser! He sleeps tucked in bed next to me and we both get tons of sleep! We love you, Reed! : )

Trying to sit

Monday, October 11, 2010


Some of my favorite pictures from our visit to the Dallas Arboretum on my birthday....