Thursday, June 28, 2012

Professional Pictures

I get the kids picture taken on a pretty regular basis.  I have WAY more pictures than I know what to do with, but I enjoy keeping up with them at various ages.  The last ones were taken about 6 week before Reed turned 2.  I had a $50 voucher that expired that day.  I didn't want to loose the $50 so we took pictures....I'm now considering them his 2 year pictures since we are currently 2 weeks past his 2 year birthday and I haven't had any new ones taken.  Of all the pictures I've had taken, I think these are the best!  I just LOVE them!!! 

I attempted an outfit change (which I do every time and it NEVER works!).  I just thought it would be cute to have a couple of pictures taken wearing their matching swim shorts.  We couldn't get all three to look at the same time...oh well.  : )


Eli is so excited that he can read.  I found him in the chair reading a chapter book.  It was a little advanced for him, but he still likes to pretend to read.  I hope he develops a love for reading.  

Take A Closer Look

When Reed finds something interesting, especially a bug, he likes to take a closer look.....

 .....a MUCH closer look!
 Love This!!

Ga-Ga's 65th!!

My Dad...aka Ga-Ga...turned 65 in May!  We had a little celebration at our house after going out to eat.  The kids and I made a german chocolate of his favorites (mine too!!!).  Happy Birthday, Ga-Ga!!!  We love you and appreciate everything you do for us.  Thank you for loving us and the kids so much!

 After YEARS of trying, Eli finally learned how to start the lighter.  He is now the official birthday candle lighter.  The other kids are NOT happy about this!  ; )


I am WAY behind on blogging, but better late than never!  : )  Eli finished another year of AWANA clubs and loved it again.  This year he went to Sparks at Meadows Baptist Church....his great friend from school goes there and it is right near our house.  Eli finished his book, the review, and the extra credit book....and there was still about 5 weeks left.  Eli loves to learn Bible verses and I am AMAZED at how he keeps them in his memory.  We review, but it doesn't seem necessary because he has a great memory!

 Kindergarten Sparks

 Reed cheering for his brother....Reed kept yelling, "Hi Elijah" during the ceremony
Chase's new pose for pictures  : )