Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ordinary Days

A Homeschool Day - we LOVE these days!  : ) 

 Rough playing.  A Daily Occurrence.  Reed is going to be one tough kid!!
Chase's favorite nap spot

Saturday, April 21, 2012

You're Getting Sleepy

I love pictures of the kids sleeping.  Unfortunately, I don't have many of Chase.  Eli and Reed are still co-sleeping, but Chase sleeps in his own bed. (By his own choice!  So funny how kids are sooooo different!) I need to sneak in and get some pictures of him sometimes!  : )  

 Yes, Reed has underwear over his diaper.  He wants to be just like his brothers so he likes to wear underwear too!  : )

Oh, Chase!

Recently, Chase had a ball point pen with him while riding in the car.  He decided to put it to use and wrote ALL over himself.....legs, arms, hands, feet, tummy. I asked him what happened and he said "Reed did it!"  Chase has started blaming EVERYTHING on Reed!  : )

Silly Boys

There are no words to explain some pictures.....

Pics from Hospital Stay

 Chase loaded down with Easter goodies from the Child Life people at Children's

 Me & Sweet Chase

EVERY meals Chase wanted chicken nuggets, mac & cheese and fruit.  Even for breakfast!!  : )

Friday, April 13, 2012

Building Legos

While Eli was at school, Chase and Reed went in his room and played with his legos.  They probably sat there for 45 minutes just building things.  I LOVE watching them do stuff like this.

Putting This Kid To Work

Eli, Chase and Reed put away their laundry, but I decided to take it a step further with Eli and teach him how to actually do the laundry.  We started with getting the clothes out of the dryer and moving the clothes from the washer to to dryer.  As usual, Eli was so funny when learning.  He was going crazy because the clothes in the dryer were too hot.  So, he got his gloves.  It seemed to help.  ; )  Also, I had to leave the room to help Chase or Reed and I heard Eli scream.  Then he said....I fell in the washer....but I'm OK.  : )  He is so funny!  : )

Sweet Chase

Chase got this giraffe during his recent hospital stay.  He's become quite attached to it.  So sweet.  I just love my little Chaseman!

An Unusual Birthday Party

Eli recently decided that it was his build-a-bear's birthday so we needed to have a party.  Chase joined in on the fun and decided to celebrate Giraffey's birthday too.  While Eli was at AWANAS one night, I made some cookies.  When Eli returned we had a birthday party for Stix and Giraffey.  : )

Outside Fun

Oh how these boys LOVE to play outside.  I think they would live outside if I let them.  : )  We have really been enjoying this weather.  I know that all too soon it will be SO super hot that we will be inside for most of the day.  I'm praying that our summer will not be as hot as last year.  I've started a list of things that we can to during the hot summer months.  I'll post it soon.  : )

 Chase like to ask me to push him "REEEEEAAAAL HIGHER"  He's very animated when he says it (as shown above)  : )


Easter was a pretty different than we planned this year.  At about 1:00am on Easter, Hunter woke me up because he wanted me to check on Chase.  I went to check him and he was breathing super fast (panting like a dog), his heart rate was super fast and he had a 103 fever.  I picked him up out of bed and he awoke slightly.  He was coughing funny and he said that he couldn't breathe.  I was pretty sure that the rapid breathing was due to the fever, but he did not seem right at all.  Also, Chase rarely runs a fever.  I honestly can't remember another time that he actually had a fever.  That sounds strange given his medical history, but it's true.  So, given the circumstances, we decided he needed to go to the ER.  Hunter is always "night shift" for ER/hospital visits so he took Chase to Children's Plano.  I was planning to go back to sleep....yea, right. : )  I was so worried and just cried in bed with Reed and Eli next to me.  Hunter was texting me as things were happening and I finally got a text that Chase had a super bad ear infection...one of the worst the dr had ever seen.  : |  I also don't remember Chase ever having an ear infection.  Then I received a text that said they would be a while because they wanted to treat him with IV antibiotics and they were doing a chest x-ray just to be safe.  I was so relieved and was finally able to go to sleep knowing that it was just an ear infection.  Also, Chase had a chest x-ray 3 days prior and it was clear according to 3 doctors.  Then, at about 5:30 Hunter called and said the dreaded words...."They are admitting him"  UGH!!!!!!!!!!!  We had been 13 months without a hospital stay and we were getting used to it!  ; )  So.....all that to say that our Easter wasn't as we had planned.  Chase was in the hospital with an ear infection and pneumonia.  We didn't go to church.  Fortunately, I cooked our Easter dinner on Saturday.  We ate it on Easter, but it wasn't eaten together as a family...it was make a plate and throw it in the microwave to heat it up.  Dad saved the day....AGAIN!  He stayed with Eli and Reed as Hunter and I took shifts at the hospital for a couple of days.  Thankfully, it was not a long stay and Chase has bounced back.  He's good as new now!  ; )

 Reed looking at his Easter surprise....Bubbles are Reed's favorite!!!

 Eli checking out his Easter surprise....Dolphin Tale! (also got some sidewalk chalk, bubble gum, and M&M's)

And Chase's lonely Easter surprise....it was really sad that Chase was not there.  For some reason it was really hard on me this time.  : (  The child life department at Children's Plano took super good care of Chase....they loaded him down with Easter goodies and we took him is basket that evening.

So, no cute pictures of the kids in their Easter outfits before church.  But I have three healthy kids at home now and that's what is most important!