Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall at the Arboretum

We visited the Dallas Arboretum today.  As usual, I took tons of pictures.  I just love pictures of kids and pumpkins.

 I tried and tried, but never got a picture with all three looking and smiling at the same time

Love this....Eli was helping Reed see all the pumpkins

 Chase and Eli got their faces painted

 Spiderman spinning his web
Frankenstein being scary

 Sweet brothers

 Chase said, "Mommy, I asked the goat if I could brush him, but he didn't say anything."  : )

After about 3 1/2 hours, Reed was SO done with the Arboretum and the pumpkins

October Review & Pumpkin Bread Redo

Earlier this month I posted about everything I love about October.....well, there is only one week left in October (CRAZY!!) so I thought I'd review my list....

  • The State Fair of Texas - done.....SUPER FUN!!!  and yummy!  : )
  • Cooler mornings - some.....hopefully more soon
  • Pumpkin Bread - see below  : )
  • Honey Crisp Apples - not yet....haven't seen any yet.  Maybe this is a November thing ; )
  • Fall Festival at Church - Friday.....we are all SUPER excited!
  • The pumpkin patch - done and done....went to two different ones....loved them both
  • Beautiful fall foliage (maybe not this year b/c of the lack of rain)  ; ) - not so much....I think it's still too warm
  • Pumpkins - of course!
  • College Football (some of the best games are in October!) - super fun to watch!!   Gig 'em Aggies!  
  • Texas Rangers (this is a new one, but playoffs!!!!) - WOOHOO!!!  Rangers are up 3-2....can't wait to see what happens tomorrow night!  I think the Rangers will win in 7 although I hope it's 6 (game 7s make me so nervous!!)

So, I tried the new pumpkin bread recipe again, but this time I used self-rising flour rather than all-purpose flour.  It was so yummy!  We all love it!!  We will definitely be making it again soon.  

 I made it in a bundt pan (and one mini loaf) rather than a big loaf pan....I think it turned out pretty.  Thanks to Mommy's Kitchen for the recipe and the idea.

A little too much powdered sugar, but still pretty and YUMMY

Just For Fun

A house full of boys is a little crazy....ok, a lot crazy!  : )  One thing my boys LOVE to do is play fight. They do it multiple times a day and there is no stopping it.  At least once a day though, someone ends up crying.  I guess it's not too bad though....it definitely doesn't stop them from doing it again!  : )

 Reed knows to say "cheese" any time a camera or iPhone is pointed in his direction.  The only problem, his "cheese" doesn't quite look like a smile.  : )

 That's better  : )  Love that his teeth are showing in this one.

 I never really think that Eli and Chase look alike, but in this picture they do!!  : )

 Sweet Chase

 Sweet Reed

Sweet Eli

 Love this pic!

 Except for skin tone, I think Eli and Reed look a lot alike, especially their profile.

 Dancing and being silly

All the boys : )

Sunday, October 16, 2011

iPhone Pictures

I finally downloaded all the pictures from my phone.....all 877 pictures!  : )  These are a few of my favorites......

 Reed does this all the time....not real sure what he's trying to do, but he's very proud of himself when he's done.  : )
 This was one of Eli's math sheets to complete on a homeschool day....I looked at it and thought that it would take a while to explain it to him.  I was wrong!  I gave it to him then went to get some Legos so we could work on it.  By the time I got back, he was done!  I was so surprised!!  : )

 Chase being silly while getting his Holter monitor at the doctor

 Love this....I think they were watching shrinky-dinks  : )
 Love pictures of the kids sleeping
 Jessie & Reed during our trip to Alaska this summer
 Eli & Chase sleeping on the flight to Alaska
Chase got new goggles this summer and wanted to wear them everywhere!  He fell asleep in the car while wearing them  : )

 Sweet boys sleeping
Chase was soooo excited when he got a Jessie doll....Chaseman LOVES Jessie!

 While playing outside this past spring, Chase went inside and locked the door.  He was inside....Eli, Reed and I were outside.  Thankfully we found an unlocked window and were able to get back in.  
 Asleep in the stroller
Chase and his cute, crooked smile....for a while, whenever we would tell Chase to smile, he would make this crooked smile.  He doesn't do it anymore, but it was so cute!  : )