Sunday, September 25, 2011

Big Chase News

Chase learned to use the potty this week!!!!  WooHoo!!!  Yay, Chase!!!

It was really too easy.....we just went straight from diapers to underwear.  We didn't do pull-ups or anything.  I made him a "Potty Chart" and a "Treasure Box".  Every time he got 3 stickers on the Potty Chart, he got to pick something from the Treasure Box.  He wore a diaper at night for 3 nights and after waking up dry all three nights, we switched to underwear even at night.  He's even doing his "big business" in the big potty.

So it's done.....see.....TOO easy!!!  But I'm not complaining!!  : )  Now I only have one in diapers!!  CRAZY!!


Eli and Reed don't really have any nick names, but Chase has tons.....actually, we rarely call him just plain Chase.

  • Chaseman - the most common....Eli almost always call him Chaseman...and he says "man" with a very heavy Texas accent....."Chasema-han" cute!
  • Chiggy - Mommy only ; )
  • Chig
  • Big Chig
  • Chigatron
  • Chiggity Chaseman

Feeding Himself

I finally let Reed start feeding himself with a spoon.  I can't believe I waited so long!!  When Eli was 15 months, he was an accomplished spoon eater.  But with Reed, I just never let him do it because of the HUGE messes.  So I finally did and guess what?!?!?  HUGE mess!  : )  

I'm not really sure if any of it made it into his mouth.....But he had fun!  : )

Chef Eli & Chef Chase

Eli and Chase cooked supper for everyone one evening with very little help.  They did a great job and had fun doing it....maybe a little too much fun!  ; )

The Big Boy Table

Occasionally, Reed sits at the big boy table to eat rather than in his high chair.  He loves it and acts very proud to be at the table.  He still throws his food though....I am so ready for this phase to be over (the throwing food).  


Reed is growing too fast!!  He is such a joy and I love to watch him grow and develop every day!  What a sweetie!  : )

Ga-Ga's Pen

When Eli and Chase were very young, they always enjoyed playing with the pen that Ga-Ga always has in his shirt it's Reed's turn.  Reed loves sitting in Ga-Ga's lap, taking the pen, examining it and trying to put it back.  Funny how such small things like this are so entertaining for kids!  ; )

Chase is 3!!!

How can it be.......Chase is 3!!!  It seems impossible that Chase is already 3 years old!  But he is and we celebrated by having a Toy Story birthday party!!  Chase really enjoyed his party and we are so thankful for our family and close friends that helped make the day very special for Chase.  Happy Birthday, Chase!!!  We love infinity and beyond!   : )

 The Cake.....We used the "3" from Toy Story 3 for the theme of his party

 Blowing out the candles....Big Brother is always there to "help"

 Chase was very excited about his presents.  While we were all eating cake, Chase lined up all his presents and was ready to open!

 Chase got lots of fun presents...

Playing Toy Story guys with Cousin Madison

Just Reading

I love finding my sweet boys reading books!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Big Boy!

Reed is approaching 15 months old.  Wow!  That doesn't seem right!  He is just the sweetest boy.  He loves his brothers and loves doing whatever they are doing.  And, he has become a Daddy's boy!  If Daddy is home, it's ALL ABOUT DADDY!  It's really sweet.  

Reed has been walking for at least a month now and looks so cute when he's walking down the sidewalk or anywhere else.  He's rather small so it is somewhat funny to see him walking around.  He doesn't look big enough to walk.  He's just about 20 pounds....not sure his height.  : )  We love him so much and wouldn't know what to do without him!!  

 Any time he sees a camera he says "cheese"....but it doesn't make him look like he's smiling.  : )


How can it be?!?!?  Eli started Kindergarten!  We cannot believe how fast this day came....weren't we just celebrating his first birthday?  : )

Eli started school on August 8 at Lucas Christian Academy.  LCA is a university-model school so he is in the classroom on M/W/F and we have school at home on T/Th.  It is absolutely wonderful and so far we REALLY love it!!  And, Kindergarten is only half day which makes it even better!!  As do most parents, we spent TONS of time considering all the schooling options for Eli.  I guess we always thought public school would be our choice, but once we started researching our options, we quickly realized that public school was not for us.  Hunter and I both went to public school, but it is not the same today.  We were really surprised to find out various concepts/cultural topics/issues that are addressed with children at such a young age.  Anyway, LCA seems to be a good fit for our family right now.  And, Eli LOVES it.  He is meeting some wonderful new friends and his teacher is amazing!  We are very thankful and feel very blessed to have found this school!!  : )

Catching Up

We had a super fun summer!!!  Here are the highlights....this was hard.....I had 650 pictures from the summer!!!  : ) I love taking pictures.  : )

We went to Arkansas in July to visit family and celebrate Madison's 4th birthday.  We always have so much fun and the kids LOVE playing with Madison!

Chase & Reed
 Eli & Chase
 Chase at JumpZone (Madison's Party)
Madison's super-cute Tangled cake made by her very talented Mom, Dalaina....OH, and Jason (M's Dad) made the sun  ; )
 Eli, Chase & Madison at Madison's 4th Birthday Party
 Mimi & Reed
Mimi & Reed

We spent the 4th of July swimming and cooking out at the farm.  Lisa and her family visited this summer for a couple of weeks and were here for the 4th.  It's always wonderful to spend holidays with them!!
 Cousin John-John
Cousin Jessie 

Hunter taught Chase to swim this summer.  He does so well and now LOVES to jump in the water and swim to whoever will catch him.  He's a daredevil though....he'll jump no matter what so we ALWAYS have to keep an eye on him and stay close!!  : )
Chase jumping to Hunter
 Chase, Eli, Jack & Jessie
 Mommy & Reed
 Mommy & Chase
 Daddy & Reed

I made peach jam for the first time this summer.  I actually tried it twice.  My mom is a pro at this so I thought I'd try it.  It turned out pretty yummy for a first try.  And, it's kind-of fun making and eating sandwiches with homemade jam.  : )
 My first try at peach jam
 Lisa - my beautiful sister

Eli, Chase, Reed and I went to visit my sister and her family in Alaska.  We went in mid-July and escaped the horrible Texas heat for a couple of weeks.  We had a wonderful trip and the kids were AMAZING travelers.  I was very nervous to take them on the plane by myself, but it was great.  They were so good on the plane....they made it too easy!  ; )
 Mommy, Chase & Reed
Cousin Jack
 Aunt Lisa & Reed
 Aunt Lisa & Reed
 Chase, Jessie, Jack & Eli enjoying one of MANY meals on the deck at Lisa's home
 Chase, Eli, Jack & Jessie (do you know how hard it is to get 4 kids to look and smile at the same time?!?!?)

 The kids really wanted to go Uncle John set up a tent (in the living room) and they "camped"
 Uncle John even read books to them before bed : )
And....some pictures are just too hard to explain  : )