Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Reading Books

Eli has started spending quite a bit of time reading books. In fact, when I was playing basketball with him yesterday, he crawled away to his books and started "reading". I love to watch him read...he always looks so serious.


Whenever I remove the gate from the bottom of the stairs for even a few minutes, Eli makes a mad dash towards the stairs.
Climbing to the top....
At the top of the stairs is the table behind Eli which he LOVES! He cannot resist so this is the one table that I let him "play with".
For some reason, this is WAY more fun than all his toys!
The result after Eli plays with the table....
On a side note, check out the shirt Eli is wearing! We discovered a new consignment store this week, Kid to Kid, and they were having a big sale. We got this Gymboree shirt for $1! They had several racks of clothes that were all $1/each! What a bargain! Moms...check it out if you get a chance.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Today, Eli attended Ryan's 1st birthday party. Ryan was born just 8 days after Eli. Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Ryan's mom made this great birthday cake for Ryan. It was so cute and very yummy!

Eli enjoying one of Ryan's new toys....a drum. Hunter and I are glad that this toy stayed at Ryans and did not come home with us! : )

Taking a Bath

Eli loves taking a bath in the "big boy bathtub". He also loves standing up and cleaning the bathtub rather than sitting and taking a bath! : )

Even when Eli is in the bathtub playing with toys, he still crosses his feet. : )

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Watching TV?

Eli doesn't watch much TV, but when he does, he has a tendency to sit a little too close to the TV. I am always telling him to move back! : )

Enjoying the Beautiful Weather

Eli and I have been enjoying the warm weather. Yesterday, we blew bubbles outside and colored the back porch with sidewalk chalk.

New Car!

Eli got a new car for his birthday! He loves it! Thank you, Granny and Ga-Ga!

Playing with Ryan

Eli and Ryan enjoyed playing together after Eli's birthday party. Ryan was one of Eli's first friends - he was born just 8 days after Eli.

Ryan: "Let me taste this car before we play with it"
Eli: "Here, taste this one. It may taste better than the other one!"

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Eli's 1st Birthday Party - More Cake Pics!

Look at this messy boy in a white shirt that is still clean!
Eli was distracted briefly by the Elmo balloons tied to his highchair.

Eli's 1st Birthday Party - The Cake!

Here are some pictures of Eli eating his birthday cake. As soon as I figure out how to post a video, I'll post the video which really captures the fun that Eli had eating his cake!
Singing "Happy Birthday" and watching the candle

Eli had so much icing on his hands that he did not want to hold his sippy cup. : )

Eli's 1st Birthday Party - Friends

We are so sad that we did not get a group picture of all the friends at Eli's 1st birthday party, but here are some pictures of some friends playing at the party.
Kate and Eli playing with the ABC bus

Although we told our friends that gifts for Eli were not necessary, Eli was overwhelmed by the number of birthday presents. Everyone was very generous and Eli and his friends had so much fun opening the presents and playing with the new toys.Here is Ryan checking out a present before passing it on to Eli.
Eli and Mommy reading a card.
Look at Eli's crossed feet - he crosses his feet all the time and I just LOVE it!!
Eli and Ryan looking at the paper - sometimes they enjoyed playing with the paper and gift bags as much as the toys.
Abigail and Kate looking at one of Eli's favorite toys!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Getting Ready

A Look Back

Before I post pictures from Eli's 1st birthday, I thought I'd share some of our favorite pictures from the past year. Thank you, Eli for all of the wonderful memories during your first year of life. We look forward to many more during year 2! We love you! : )

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What's out there, Mom??

I made some front porch decorations for Eli's birthday party. I planned to leave them in the hallway until Saturday morning, but Eli was getting into them so I put them on the porch on Friday afternoon. After I placed them on the porch, Eli looked at them through the window all afternoon.


More pics of Eli eating...he is doing so good with his spoon!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

One of the gifts that Aunt Lisa gave Eli was a toy that Lisa and I had when we were little girls. We used to play with this at our Grandma & Grandpa's house. When Eli opened the toy, it brought back so many memories of playing at Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was a very thoughtful gift and Eli enjoys playing with it as well. Thank you, Aunt Lisa!

Birthday Presents from Alaska

Eli received birthday presents from Aunt Lisa, Uncle John, and " the J cousins" today. Although his official birthday is not until Saturday, he opened the presents today. He loved the presents, but Aunt Lisa also sent Eli some Valentine cookies that were a HUGE hit! Eli loved them - after about 4 or 5 cookies (they are small), I had to distract him and then hide the cookies! : )

Eli shakes everything....incliding his new clothes!