Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation!!!

Eli's Kindergarten Graduation was today!!  Wow!!  I can't believe he is already done with Kindergarten!!  It went soooo fast, but was such a wonderful year.  I am so thankful that God lead us to LCA.  It is such a good fit for our family.  Eli has done so well and we have really enjoyed our homeschool days and all the extra time we get to spend together.  Eli made some amazing friends and we have grown close to several wonderful, Christian families.  We are so proud of Eli!!!

 Mrs. Layman - the elementary coordinator at LCA - what a wonderfully sweet and amazing lady!!  She loves every student and prays for them all the time.  How wonderful to know that Eli is in such good hands every time he walks into the classroom.
 And Mrs. Cleveland - the most wonderful Kindergarten teacher - she loves every student and poured her life into them.  She made Eli feel so welcome, safe and comfortable every time he was around her.  She is a gift from God and I am so incredibly thankful for her.  I can't wait until Chase and Reed are in her class because I know they will LOVE it!!!  : )
Mrs. Cleveland wrote an acrostic poem for each child using the first letters of their names.  She read it to each child at graduation.  Yes, an amazing teacher!!   

 The Kindergarten Graduating Class & Mrs. Cleveland
back row (l to r):  Savannah, Emily, David, Ella, Angela, Jameson, Jackson, Blaise, Caleb
front row (l to r):  Zeke, Eli, Jacob, Lindsay, Logan, Michael  (not pictured:  Hunter)

 A gift card tree presented to Mrs. Cleveland from the entire class.  
 Group Hug!!!

My Boys

Not sure what they are looking at, but I love these pictures.  They really bring out the similarities in their facial features.  

Kindergarten Field Trip

Eli's Kindergarten field trip was a couple of weeks ago.  We went to a heritage museum in Plano.  The kids had a great time learning about life on a farm many years ago before all of the modern inventions.  The museum was very hands-on which all of the kids LOVED!  : )

 Side note.....I was trying to take their picture before the field trip and Chase kept tilting his head to the side every time I took the picture.  It is his standard pose, but Eli wanted him to hold his head straight.  It turned in to a very funny moment.  : )

 Finally, Eli just held Chase's head straight.  I love, love this picture!!!!

"Easter" Pictures

Chase was in the hospital on Easter so we didn't make it to church that morning.  I had new shirts for the boys to wear to church on Easter and planned to take some traditional Easter pictures before church.    Anyway, they wore the shirts a couple of weeks later and we pretended it was Easter morning and snapped a few pictures.  : )  I think they all look so good in this color.  : )  Happy Easter!  ; )

Field Day

Eli participated in his first Field Day a couple of weeks ago.  The day got off to a rough start because Eli was having a horrible time with his seasonal allergies, but it got better as the afternoon progressed.  They played lots of games, even tug-a-war with a pool of water in the middle and a marshmallow throwing battle (a little messy, but the kids LOVED it!).  It was a fun day!!  : )