Sunday, September 19, 2010

Morning Run

Because of Hunter's travel schedule, I have not been able to run much since Reed has been born. Fortunately, I got to run this past Saturday. I love to run!

Reed is always ready for Mommy to get back from running!! : )

Balloon Festival

A weekend treat.....balloons from the Plano Balloon Festival went right over our house! Eli and Chase LOVED them.


Thank you, Granny for the M&M's jammies!! : )

I think you can tell they are brothers!!


Reed found his fingers and he loves them!

Where's Eli?

Chase really misses Eli when Eli is at school. Every 15 minutes Chase asks me about Eli. I have to admit that it is super quite at our home when Eli is in school and we really miss him!! Last week at lunchtime, the table looked very lonely!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

He's Out!

My Helper

Eli has started helping me wash the dishes. He loves it....or maybe just loves playing with the "cool water thing" in our new home. Either way, it's less dishes that I have to do! : )

Chase Moments

Helping himself to some more syrup.....with no pancakes!

Chase loves wearing his pink, Dora sunglasses...he even tries to sleep in them!

Reed's Baby Dedication

Reed's dedication was on Sunday, September 12 at Stonebriar Community Church (our church home). Hunter and I feel it is very important to participate in baby dedication. It in no way guarantees our little Reed's salvation or eternal future, but it is a public commitment from Hunter and I to raise Reed in a godly home and to teach him about God and what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. My prayer is that Reed (and all my boys) will come to know Jesus quickly and walk beside Him throughout their lives.

Hunter, me, Reed and our Pastor Chuck Swindoll


Eli started preschool on September 8. He is going two days a week and so far he seems to really like it. After the first day, he said his favorite part was science. I hope he continues to like it!

First Day of Preschool
Second Day of, I'm not going to take a picture EVERY day! : )