Monday, January 31, 2011

After Bath

Reed did not nap yesterday so I gave him a bath before bedtime to see if it would help him sleep. He looks completely tired and obviously a little confused....I don't know what's with that hand gesture, Reed, but we are an AGGIE family!!! ; )

Alligator Hunter & Hospital

Eli and Chase have been playing "alligator hunter" lately. I guess they are the kind of hunters that capture the animal, help it and send it back because after they "catch" the alligator, they always perform heart surgery on it. Who knew alligators needed heart surgery, but this one does ALL THE TIME! : )


Eli and Chase love playing hockey....sometimes full pads, sometimes just puck (ball) and sticks.

Must have paci under helmet!
What are they going to do if we ever get a dining room table?!?!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Miracle?!?

Yesterday as we were leaving Hobby Lobby (love that store!) and walking to our car, I pushed the car remote for the sliding door to open (we have a Honda Odyssey). Nothing happened. I pushed it again and still nothing happened. I checked to see if we were at the right van and we were! ; ) I tried to lock and unlock the doors and still nothing. I quickly realized that our car battery was probably dead because this had happened before and the battery was the problem. I thought to myself that this was a good opportunity to show the kids an appropriate reaction when the unexpected happens. I usually get very frustrated and the kids see this....not a good thing to be teaching them. I calmly opened the front door and we all got in the car. I told them that the battery was dead and that we would have to call the man (aka roadside assistance) to come help us. As expected, Eli panicked a little. I tried to turn the interior car lights on and nothing happened, confirming for me that the battery was dead. Before I tried to start the car, I held Eli's hand and Chase's hand and told them that we were going to pray before we tried to start the car. Eli asked why and I told him that we were going to ask God to please start our car. Eli's exact words...."God can't fix our car!" I was very surprised at this but used it as an opportunity to tell him that God can do anything. It doesn't mean that He will, but He can! Eli said, "but, not fix our car." We prayed anyway. After praying, we tried the car and it started!!! Needless to say, we were all thrilled!!! We said a prayer of thanksgiving and went on our way. I must confess that as we were driving away, I thought to myself that it must not have been a dead battery UNTIL I tried to turn the radio on....when I turned it on, the display read "Enter Code" which is only required when the battery dies or is disconnected and it is replaced.

Of course I do not know for sure, but our car showed every sign of having a dead battery and it started anyway. I really feel like God started our car for Eli. We teach Eli about God, read the Bible and pray with him. He talks about Jesus all the time so I was surprised that he didn't really believe that God could do something so practical as helping us with our car. I think God used it as a chance to teach a sweet, four-year-old that God can do anything!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


While I was getting the PJs ready, Eli told me to go in the bathroom and look at Chase. This is what I found. I asked him what he was doing and he looked at me like I was crazy and said....getting a drink! CRAZY!! : )

7 Months

I can't believe Reed is already 7 months old!!! It seems like just yesterday that I posted a picture of him at 7 WEEKS old! It is going way too fast. Reed is such a blessing! He has the sweetest personality and smiles ALL THE TIME. He loves his brothers and smiles almost every time he sees them. He is +/- 16 pounds. I'm not sure about his length....we haven't had is 6 month check up yet (poor 3rd child....I was never a day late with Eli or Chase's well check visits!). He is a good eater and is still exclusively breastfeeding. We will probably start baby food around 9 months. He is sitting more and more, but still tumbles over occasionally. No signs of teeth or crawling yet, but he can roll across the room very quickly! We go to church every week (when everyone's healthy), but Reed hasn't visited the nursery yet....maybe soon.


Eli and Chase LOVED playing in the snow!!! They would only stay out for 10 minutes at a time and then come in to get warm! : )


Make Your Own Pizza Night


Ice Skating

The Zoo

We visited the Dallas Zoo with our family from Alaska. What a beautiful day for the zoo and a super fun trip!!

Lisa & Jessica
John-John, Jessica & Lisa

Hunter & Jack


We were blessed with lots of family time recently.

Jessica & Chase
Dad & Reed
Eli, Chase, Jack, Jessica & Reed
Eli, Jack, Chase & Jessica
Jessica & Reed (LOVE this picture!!!)
Justin & Reed


We got Eli, Chase, Jessica and Jack superhero capes and masks for Christmas. So far, they love playing with them!!

Christmas Morning

Santa went overboard......AGAIN!!!
All Chase wanted for Christmas was "Astro Boy". We saw these at Toys R Us in October and this is ALL he said he wanted for Christmas. : )

My Christmas!!! : ) LOVE my MacBook!