Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beautiful Day

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day!!!  I would give up swimming and all of the "summer activities" if our weather could be like today all through the summer.  But, unfortunately it's not and all too soon it will be 110 degrees so we are enjoying every minute of these beautiful days that God blesses us with!  The kids played outside from 7:30 until about 2:30 with only about a 1 hour break (for my shower and lunch).  We enjoyed breakfast on the back patio.  Actually this was breakfast number 2....they woke up super early and ate and then were hungry again at about 9:15.  : )  I'm posting all of the pictures I took of their patio breakfast just to illustrate how impossible it is to get all three kids to look and smile at the same time!  : )


I love watching kids, especially toddlers, explore.  Granted, it usually means a mess, but who could stop such obvious interest and curiosity?!?  I watched Reed dump these fuzzy balls and pull apart a pad of post-it notes.  I would give anything to know what was going on in that little head of his while he was doing this!

Then, he's done....and he moves on to the next adventure (aka mess!).  : )

Bath Time

Bath time gets a little wild and crazy sometimes.  This one got a little bubble crazy.  Actually, we didn't pour any soap in the bath, but they decided to turn the jets on and this is what happened.  Bubbles up to their heads!  : )  They had fun making "bubble hair" and "bubble beards".  : )

Hunter's Birthday

We recently celebrated Hunter's birthday and Hunter chose Yoda as the theme for his party.  The kids were THRILLED that he chose Yoda.  The cake was super yummy, but Yoda didn't look so great.  : ) I decorated the entire cake in about 30 this is what my 30 minute Yoda looks like!  : )

 Eli lighting the candles....Hunter usually doesn't like candles...He says he doesn't like to eat anything that has been on fire....but he went along with it since Eli recently learned how to light candles and was SOOOO excited about doing it!!
For gifts, Hunter got a book (of course!) a Yoda heart box of chocolates (actually supposed to be for Valentine's Day but Chase is not good at keeping secrets!!) and a stuffed Yoda.  Reed carries Yoda around the house saying "Yoooooo-Dah" in a very deep cute! 

Happy Birthday, Hunters!!!!!  : )