Monday, March 15, 2010

Eli Loves Snow!

Eli loves the snow and is really enjoying our time in Alaska. Yesterday, it was 15 degrees so we went outside to play. Chase loved it for about 10 minutes. Once Chase went back inside, Eli and I played hockey on the homemade ice rink, went sledding and had a snow fight. We had so much fun!!!

I think this picture of Chase is so funny!! He looks 20 pounds heavier than he really is because of all the snow gear!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Elijah's 4th Birthday!

We celebrated Elijah's 4th birthday with a "dirt bike party" at Chuck E. Cheese's. Eli had so much fun playing with family and friends!!
Eli's Dirt Bike Cake
Blowing out the candles
Green icing hands

Chase Update

It is hard to believe that Chase is almost 18 months old!! He is getting so big and the past year and a half has gone by so quickly. He is so much fun and loves playing with Elijah. He repeats everything and says about 20 words on his own. We received a pretty good report at his last cardiologist visit. His aortic valve is leaking a little more now that it was a year ago so he is now on a medication to prevent the leaking from getting worse. We have struggled this cold/flu season a bit, but it has not been too bad! Chase had pneumonia and was hospitalized for 2 days. He recovered quickly. Little Chase is so strong and is a fighter!! After his hospital stay, Chase had a severe allergic reaction to something. His pediatrician feels like it was a reaction to penicillin. I am not 100% convinced yet. ; ) We stopped his amoxicillin which he has been on since he was about 3 weeks old and are waiting to start another antibiotic until further instruction from his cardiologist.

Chase's allergic reaction....hives ALL over his body!!

Chase was such a trooper when getting breathing treatments after his pneumonia!!