Saturday, January 19, 2013

Boy Sco.uts

Eli recently started boy sc.outs.  He was so excited to start!!  He loved his first meeting.  I think he's going to really love it.  Eli has a love for the outdoors and community service.....both of which he will be able to develop even more at Boy Scou.ts

Homeschool Days

Since Eli attends a university-model school, we homeschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I LOVE those days....the extra time with all three kids at home.....the school work....everything!  Eli is doing so well in school and learning so much.  We are blessed!  : )

 Eli working on a science experiment about liquids.

 Eli working on his math wrap....a tool to practice math facts.
 More science
Chase assisting with the science project  : )

Lego Guys

We love playing Legos and we especially love building Lego guys.  At times, Chase and Reed will build guys for 30-45 minutes at a time.  I LOVE to watch them!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

A New Year

Well, I was not a good blogger in 2012....I think I posted about 50 times which is about 1/4 the number of posts in years past.  I'm sad about that because I LOVE looking back at old post, and the kids really like looking back.  I guess our blog is our modern day photo albums.  I remember as a kid that I LOVED going into my Dad's closet and pulling out the photo albums.  I'm not so sure that my parent's loved it because I'm sure I didn't put them back!  : )  Anyway, I am determined to post more in 2013.  

I think it would be impossible to catch up for 2012, but here are a few favorite pictures from the last part of 2012.....

 Chase & Reed fell asleep in the chair together after a long morning at the park.  So sweet!!  See...they don't fight all the time!  ; )

 Fall would not be complete without a trip to the Dallas Arbor.etum.  Seeing the pumpkins is a family favorite!!
 Chase and the random cartwheel!  Chase does cartwheels randomly everywhere....and I mean EVERYWHERE!  Totally unannounced.....walking in the hallway at church, in Target, outside, inside, on the bed....everywhere.  It is so funny!

 Halloween.....also a family favorite!  This year we had a little Hulk, a red Power Range and Darth Vador
 HUGE STEP!!!  This was Eli's first school program that he participated in successfully.  He's had programs in the past (preschool and kindergarten) but he didn't participate.  He just wasn't ready.  This year, we encouraged him to participate and he did!!!  He did so well and we were so proud of him.  His class recited Psalm 23, sang a song (can't remember the title).  And his spanish class sang "Open the Eyes Of My Heart, Lord" in spanish.  So proud and such a HUGE moment for him.  : )
 Sweet Brothers.....We spent Thanksgiving at the farm so I decided to try to get a good picture of the kids for our Christmas card.  It went MUCH better than I hoped!  These were the best.....the picture on the bottom is the one that Hunter chose for our Christmas card.  : )

 Christmas morning....

 Eli was SO excited about all his new treasures....especially his safe and his DS.  

After they got the DS.....they played, and played and played!!!  We let them play without rules (time limits) for a few days.  We have started time limits now and it has surprisingly been an easy transition for the most part.  Eli is easy....Chase is a little harder.  He would play it ALL day, every day if we let him.  We don't let them play them in the car but Chase always wants to bring his with him....just to hold.  : )

NOW.....on to 2013!!  : )  Happy New Year!!!!