Friday, November 2, 2012

Chase is 4....again

We had family in town a couple of weeks after Chase's birthday, so we had a little "party" for him while they were here.  We ordered pizza and had cupcakes.  Chase loved that his birthday just kept going and going and going!  : )

 Parker playing Legos.  Parker had two sisters so is surrounded by girl stuff at home.  We joke that he comes to our house for his fix of boy toys!  : )

 Madison enjoying pizza

 Sweet Paisley

Chase is 4!!

We celebrated Chase's birthday with a little family party at home.  Chase LOVES Sonic Hedgehog so he had a Sonic party.  I'm not even really sure what Sonic is from, but for whatever reason, Chase loves, loves Sonic.  : )  We went to eat at Country Burger (Chase's choice, of course) and then had birthday cake with Granny and Gaga.


Eli also started his second year of Spark.s.  This is his fourth year of AWAN.A.  He really enjoys it and it is so neat to see him learn so much scripture.  Chase is actually learning many of the verses too.  He's even learned all the books of the Bible.

1st Grade!!

Eli started 1st grade this year!  It is really hard to believe that he is already a first grader.  I remember first grade like it was yesterday.  : )  This is his second year at Lu.cas Christian Academy and we still love it!!  I love that he is only away from home three days a week and our homeschool days are going really well this year.  Yay!!  : )