Friday, July 19, 2013

Road Trip!! part 3

We had so much fun at the beach!  The sand was white powder and super soft.  The water was clear and beautiful.  Although it was FILLED with jellyfish.  We caught about 20 jellyfish in our fishing net and on our last day, Eli got stung by one.  He was really strong about it and it didn't slow him down for very long.

 A couple of times we saw dolphins swimming out in the water.  The first time I saw them I panicked because all I could see was a fin.  My first thought was SHARK! but we quickly realized they were dolphins.  This picture was taken from our balcony.
 Eli loved net fishing!!  It was HARD to catch big fish but we caught several small creatures.
 Chase and Reed looking at Eli's catches of the day

 Chase fell asleep at the beach a couple of times.  Vacation is exhausting!!  : )

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